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“ATV impacts include noise disturbance, damage to vegetation, increased runoff, soil erosion, and degradation of water quality. Wildlife also suffer from all of these impacts. Unfortunately, when ATVs leave trails…and there is extensive evidence that this occurs…these impacts to wildlife are even worse.”

-Kevin Chlad – Adirondack Council Director of Government Relations

June 30, 2020

From: Plymouth Residents and members of

Plymouth-based Environmental Non-Profits*

To:       The Plymouth Board of Select Persons

Re:       Natural Resource Officers

It is fitting that a town of this size, and ecological significance, should have staff devoted to promoting and protecting its natural environment.

It is a source of pride that, in Plymouth, Marine and Environmental Affairs (DMEA) is a separate division, highlighting their importance and unique mission.

And it is revealing that, since achieving divisional status, the DMEA has been cited and rewarded on numerous occasions by regional, state and federal organizations for their foresight, innovation, management and restoration of the town’s bountiful natural resources.

Who better then to enforce laws meant to protect those resources – and the citizens of this community living adjacent to our water, woods and wildlands – than the men and women of this department and, specifically, its Natural Resource Officers.

The NRO are in the woods, and the fields, and along the shorelines of this community every day, anticipating threats to those resources, monitoring the condition of our woods and waters, and doing their best to interdict those with callous disregard for the fragility of the environment, the rights of homeowners, and the law.

It is both an efficient use of their time and a logical use of their training to provide them with the authority to fully protect our natural resources.

With all due respect to the Plymouth Police Department, we the undersigned urge the Board of Select Persons to reconsider their vote of June 23, 2020, and to confer upon the Natural Resource Officers of Plymouth the status of “constable.”

Giving the NRO the status of constables is common sense. Giving the NRO the status of constables does not unnecessarily burden other public safety resources. Giving the NRO the status of constables puts enforcement of these specific regulations in the hands of professionals trained to do just that.


The Friends of Ellisville Marsh, Inc.

Southeastern Massachusetts Pine Barrens Alliance

Explore Natural Plymouth

Save The County Woodlot

Frank Werny, Hickorywood

Charlotte Emery Russell, Long Pond Road

Brian Harrington, Valley Road

Martha Sheldon, Valley Road

Diane Peck, Overlook Road

David Peck, Overlook Road

Eric Cody, Lookout Point Road

Christine Cody, Lookout Point Road

Frank Mand, Chilton Street

Sharl Heller, Chilton Street

Peter Briggs, Gallows Pond Road

Dodie Frank, SEMPBA Board Member

Love Albrecht Howard, Long Pond Road

Bruce Howard, Long Pond Road

Malcolm MacGregor, Jordan Road

Margaret Sheehan, Rocky Pond Road

Betsy Hall, West Long Pond Road

Philip Holt, Cranberry Circle

Kathleen Holt, Cranberry Circle

Virginia Davis, Lauren Road

Linda Lancaster, Shinglewood

Anatol Zukerman, Shinglewood

Marc McGraw, Alice Mullens Way

Aileen Briggs, Long Pond Road
Judy Savage, Oar and Line Road

Dorie Stolley, Morgan Road

Cheryl King Fischer, Montrose Ave

Lisa Meeks, Red Leaf
Lois Post, Thatcher Road

Connie Melahoures, Fremont Street

Lawrence Delafield, Morgan Road

Jack Kedian, Herring Ponds Watershed Association

“I would fully support anything that would get the Board to reverse this decision. Our Homeowners Association spent more than $25,000 to install gates at the four points a power line crosses our property. Unfortunately we don’t control Savery Rd. which runs behind our house and which is constantly used as an ATV/Dirt Bike highway along with Old Sandwich Rd.”

-Great Island resident

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    1. Not a problem: the Select Board seemed to have ignored those that signed anyway. I’ll check back on this and see what, if anything, they are doing.

  1. Sorry I so remember you sent me something on this but I don’t know if it was this petition. As I said , I would have signed

  2. Hi Frank
    I would have signed this but I did not know about it. I have been following the Select Board discussion, vote and then reversal on this and this petition expresses my sentiments.

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