The shutdown begins

(One of my first public comments, in early March, on the the first venues/organizations to cancel events…)

Setting an example…

If you remove the extreme reactions and commentary I think there is a lot to be proud of in Plymouth today.

The 400 and Philharmonic and Wildlands Trust and others seeing through the tangle of information and dis-information and canceling or postponing long-planned events is an example that many should follow.

We all need to act for the benefit of others and trust that when this critical moment is behind us we will receive support from government and community.

I’d suggest that for organizations like the Phil that we commit now to supporting them in the future and – if we are ticket holders that regardless of whether we can attend the postponed concerts we do not ask for refunds.

We should act now to develop ways to encourage residents and visitors to frequent our many fine restaurants through this period.

On a self-serving note I would encourage people to take this opportunity to familiarize themselves with our wealth of natural resources – hike or bike through our ponds, trails, beaches, woods, wildlands and the like – healthy activity that is good for the body and soul and offers a respite from the onslaught of troubling news and statistics.

We are better equipped to deal with this situation than most communities and, again, I am proud of the organizations that have demonstrated leadership when it really counts.

I would emphasize that we all need to get on board. Memorial Hall – which has three big events in the next 10 days – has made no changes, and refers visitors to their website to a link that takes you to the town’s notice on the virus, which hasn’t been updated since March 5 and/or refers you to the state’s DPH.

Memorial Hall is a town-owned facility.

The schools not only remain in session, but they are holding theatrical events at night.

Meanwhile, as an example of another venue with a different take on this – the Boston Symphony Orchestra has temporarily canceled all events through the end of this month.

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